League Rules

Player/Team Eligibility

  • The league is open to both men and women with no restriction on how many of each per team
  • To be eligible to play in Midnight League you must be:
    • Active HPD officer
    • HPD civilian personnel; or
    • Retired HPD


  • Most of the team must be comprised of players from one station or division
    • Exception: a team may have up to 3 players from a different station or division if:
      • The player in question works at a station/division that does not have a team
      • The player in question station/division has a team, but the team is full


  • Each team must play with 7 players from their own roster-teams may not pick up more than 2 players. Pick up players:
    • Must play catcher or right field
    • Must bat last


  • A team must have a minimum of 9 players, and may have a maximum of 15 players


  • Homerun rule:  4 and one up
  • 10 run limit per inning
  • Unlimited runners
  • Games will be 55 minutes or 7 innings
  • Run Rules: 15 after 3rd inning, 12 after 4th inning, and 10 after 5th inning


  • ASA bats-no illegal bats allowed
  • Teams are responsible for supplying their own softballs
  • ASA softballs-Core.52
  • No metal cleats

Additional Rules

  • ASA regulations
  • Final rosters are due by week 2
  • Only a coach may call a forfeit
  • If a team is not complete and ready to start at game time, an automatic forfeit will be called
  • Coaches are responsible for cleaning their own dugouts


Each team is required to pay a $325 entry fee. This fee is due to Amanda Day on the first night their team plays. This fee will be used to pay for the umpires, trophies/awards, food/beverage costs.